Valle d’Aosta

May 2015

One evening in Aosta, our friend Nino cooked us a delicious pasta Amatriciana.

pasta Amatriciana

Instead of guanciale (a kind of pancetta), Nino used Lard d’Arnad from Valle d’Aosta. Lard d’Arnad is herb-spiced, white pork fat from the village Arnad.
The main ingredients for this Roman pasta-dish are a kind of pancetta, tomatoes and pecorino.

prosciutto      prosciutto

As antipasti Nino treated us with some freshly cut prosciutto and mushrooms marinated with white wine, vinegar and spices.


At a milk farm close to Aosta we made a funny discovery: a milk-bottle machine where you can fill fresh milk into your own bottle. It’s open 24 hours a day, and one liter costs only one Euro! :)

 milk-bottle machine

milk-bottle machine   

The next morning we used the fresh milk to make a fantastic cappuccino for a good start in the day.