2-5 June 2015

In Modica (Southeast of Sicily) our Italian friends Mario, Barbara, Salvatore and Titiana taught us how to cook a local specialty: Scacce, a focaccia from Modica.

Scacce are rolls of fresh pasta dough that are filled with different toppings. We filled them with:
– fried eggplant, tomato sauce and caciovavallo (a local cheese),
– ricotta, cooked prosciutto and caciovavallo, and
– anchovies, fresh parsley, onion, tomato sauce and caciocavallo.

After filling them we baked the scacce at 200 ºC until they turned brown and crispy.

              thumb_DSC_0308_1024       thumb_DSC_0325_1024


thumb_DSC_0315_1024  thumb_DSC_0331_1024




Next to scacce we learned how to make Pastizzi; a sort of small pizza calzone.

We made them with the same pasta dough, and filled them with broccoli & dried tomatoes. 


It was a wonderful and fun evening cooking with our friends in Modica. Thank you Barbara and Mario for organising this great Italian cooking experience!



Furthermore, Modica is famous for its chocolate.
The Modica chocolate is made with an ancient low temperature preparation method, dating back to the Aztecs. Due to the low temperature not all sugar is melted, giving it a granular structure and a more bitter taste then other chocolate.
We visited the oldest chocolate shop in Modica, Bonajuto, to taste the famous Modica chocolate.

     thumb_IMG_2258_1024     thumb_IMG_2261_1024

We tasted almost all flavours :-)
Our favourite flavours are: limone (lemon), 90% pure, and peperoncino (chili).