9-13 May 2015

In Genova we had the pleasure to taste several home-cooked, local specialties: focaccia, pasta al pesto genovese, fried anchovies, and farinata.

Lucia, Stefano and Michele taught us to bake Focaccia with olives, onions and sea salt. Grazie mille a tutti! We can’t wait to bake it ourselves :-)



On our first night in Genova we enjoyed a wonderful and entertaining Italian dinner with our new friends. We ate some delicious antipasti, pasta al pesto genovese and fried anchovies.

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Pasta al pesto genovese
Trenette cooked with green beans and potatoes, flavored with home-made pesto and fresh Parmigiano-Reggiano.

pasta pesto genovese

Fried anchovies
Fresh anchovies breaded in egg, bread crumbs and oregano.

fried anchovy


The last local specialty we tasted was Farinata, a sort of pancake made of chickpea flour. It’s traditionally baked in a wood-oven using a tin-plated copper baking-pan. We ate it with two different toppings: Gorgonzola and zucchini.

farinata farinata