23-24 May 2015

We were invited by Giovanna and Paolo Tornabene at their Agriturismo Gangivecchio, near Gangi. In their kitchen we had the honour to look over their shoulders and help them cooking for their guests.
It was a wonderful experience for us to cook with Giovanna and Paolo!

Giovanna, together with her mom, published three award-winning cooking books that are well known in the US and UK. A great inspiration for us!

Gangivecchio  Gangivecchio

The Agriturismo Gangivecchio is situated in a 14th century abbey in the Madonie mountains of Sicily. It was acquired by the Tornabene family in 1856 as a private summer house. It’s a marvellous historic place, and this summer archeological students will look for the remains of a Roman villa close to the abbey.

Gangivecchio   Gangivecchio

Chris had a very special experience: he was invited to cook our own risotto recipe and serve it to the guests of the agriturismo. He cooked risotto with gorgonzola, caramelised apples, roosted walnuts and a hint of lemon. The guests found it delicious :-) 


risotto gorgonzola   risotto gorgonzola

The next day Paolo taught us how to cook a Sicilian street-food specialty: Arancina  (means “little orange”, because of their shape and colour).

The recipe originates from the 10th century, when the Arabs ruled Sicily. The Arab influence on this dish is found in the use of saffron to flavour the rice.


We filled the rice balls with two different fillings: Arancini al Ragù (minced meat) and Arancini al Burro (béchamel with peas and ham).

Arancina   Arancina      
The filled rice balls are first rolled in egg-white and then coated with breadcrumbs. Afterwards they are fried in oil at a temperature of ~180°C until they are golden brown.

Arancina   ArancinaArancina   Arancina Gangivecchio


Agriturismo Gangivecchio is beautifully situated in the countryside. Therefore, we took a long and relaxing walk, and on the way we made a new friend, who followed us all the way back to Gangivecchio :-)


thumb_DSC_0110_1024  thumb_DSC_0173_1024

Dear Giovanna and Paolo, thanks a lot for the wonderful experience and your hospitality!