Expo Milano

6 August 2015

We were very lucky and were invited by Giuseppe Sala, Director of Expo, for a VIP tour around the Expo Milano!

One of his employees, Valentina, guided us the entire day at Expo and organised private tours for us in the following pavilions: pavilion zero from the UN, Italy, Austria, UK and Germany. This was a great way to skip the long waiting lines and to understand more about what was presented at the different pavilions.

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The theme of the Expo Milano was: Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.

Since 145 countries are represented at the Expo, it’s impossible to visit all of them. But it’s already a great experience to walk around and enjoy the atmosphere with all these different nationalities.



Being treated like VIPs meant that we were interviewed, filmed and photographed by Italian press and had a live interview on the Italian radio 105!! What a crazy but fun day :-)

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Pavilion zero – UN
The United Nations presented its zero hunger challenge at the Expo.


We were shocked to learn that almost 1/3 of the volume of food produced for human consumption at global level is lost or wasted. Just 1/4 of that mountain of food could feed all the hungry of the earth!!

What would the world look like without Italy….? What would we miss?

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The symbol of the Italian pavilion was its tree of life that is based on Piazza del Campidoglio in Rome (symbolising the origin of Italy):


Austria presented an interesting fresh air climate system that makes use of natural resources.


The UK constructed a bee hive that was connected to a real bee hive in Nottingham. Its lights represented the activity of the bees in this hive. The pavilion symbolised a hive of creativity and innovation + draw attention to the fact that the bees are disappearing in the UK.

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We enjoyed learning how bees communicate through vibrations :-)

The German pavilion represented a field of ideas linked to sustainability. A lot of interesting research projects were displayed. They used an innovative image tool to display additional information: a piece of cardboard that was used as display screen.

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For the kids there was an entertaining music show in which we used our pieces of cardboard to make sounds.


Grazie mille per tutti, it was a great experience and wonderful day with Valentina!