Dolci di Sicilia

Sicily is famous for its Dolci di Sicilia: desserts and sweets. Travelling around Sicily we enjoyed many of them, and are sure that we put on a few pounds ;-)
Here we would like to share our favourite ones with you:

The most famous Sicilian dolce is Cannoli, meaning little tubes. They are made of tube-shaped shells of fried pastry dough, filled with a sweet ricotta filling.
Some were a bit too sweet for our taste, but the one below from Modica was absolutely delicious.


A lot of dolci are made with almonds and pistachio, that are both cultivated in Sicily.
The pistachio from Bronte are famous for their high quality, because they are grown on fertile volcanic soil around Monte Etna.


We fell in love with Dolcetti di mandorle & pistacchio, and ate lots of these little cookies made from almond paste. They are sometimes nicely decorated with almonds and pistachios.

Dolcetti di mandorle & pistacchio

Dolcetti di mandorle & pistacchio

Granita di caffè con panna 


A must try in Sicily is Granita con brioche, a typical Sicilian breakfast.

Granita is a frozen dessert made from sugar, water and natural flavourings like e.g. fruit juice, coffee or nuts. It originates from Sicily, where it has a more crystalline texture compared to the rest of Italy. 

We tried the Granita di caffè con panna and Granita di mandorle, and especially liked the last.

Granita di mandorle