Castellana Grotte

10 July 2015

Castellana Grotte is the most impressive cave we ever visited. These spectacular limestone caves are Italy’s longest natural subterranean network. The cave system is 3350 meters in length and at its maximum 122 meters deep.




It shows a great variety of stalactite and stalagmite formations, that sometimes look like something familiar, e.g. a statue of the holy Maria:


The highlight of the 2-hours-walk through the caves is the Grotta Bianca (White Cave).



thumb_IMG_0472_1024  thumb_DSC_1072_1024


After walking through the caves we were really hungry and needed a good lunch. In the town nearby we found a great & cosy restaurant: Osteria del Caroseno
Amongst three courses we ate wholegrain orecchiette with pesto of almonds and dried peppers as primi piatti – wow, that was so delicious! :-)

Osteria del Caroseno

Chef Gianni was enthusiastic to learn more about our Culinary Vespa-Tour through Italy and wanted to take a picture with Evelien :-)

Osteria del Caroseno

If you go to visit Castellana Grotte we highly recommend you to have a lunch stop at Osteria del Caroseno!